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    來源:http://www.djkenshu.com/ 日期:2022-11-09 發布人:guanli
    The all-in-one mixer is widely used in the industry. Sometimes it is affected by the off-season and will be idle for a period of time. How to maintain the all-in-one mixer when it is idle? How to prevent mixing machine accidents? The following staff will introduce to you:
    1. Anti deformation
    The spring, transmission belt, rod, tire and other parts of the mixing machine will produce plastic deformation due to long-term stress or improper placement. Therefore, proper support should be provided under the frame to make the tire not bear the load. All compressed or pulled springs on the feed mixer must be loosened. The removed drive belt shall be properly kept indoors. Some easily deformed parts, such as rods, shall be placed flat or hung vertically. In addition, the removed parts, such as tires and seed delivery pipes, shall be protected from crushing deformation.
    2. Rust prevention
    After the operation of the mixing machine is completed, the external dirt must be removed, the feed and sundries in the working mechanism must be cleaned, and if necessary, water or oil must be used for cleaning. Clean all lubricating parts and re lubricate them. Clean all friction working surfaces, such as ploughshare, plough wall, furrow opener, hoe and shovel, and then apply oil and stickers to reduce the opportunity of air contact oxidation.
    Complex and precise machines and tools can be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated room, and simple machines and tools can be stored in the open air, but they should be placed in a higher, dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and can be covered by a shed. All parts that directly contact the ground should be supported by wood or bricks, and the fallen protective paint should be repainted.
    3. Anti corrosion
    Moulded wooden parts are subject to decay and deformation due to the effect of microorganisms, rain, wind and sun. The effective storage method is to paint the surface of the wood and place it in a dry place. It should not be exposed to sun and rain. Such products should not be placed in the open air. They should be removed, cleaned and dried, and stored indoors in a dry place that can prevent insects and rats.
    For the mixing machine that has been parked for a long time, the technical status, accessory devices, spare parts, tools, etc. of the machines and tools shall be recorded in detail. All machines and tools shall be kept by a specially assigned person. It is strictly prohibited to remove parts for other purposes. If there is no warehouse, when the machines and tools are parked outdoors, the easily lost parts such as motors, transmission belts, etc. shall be removed, marked, and stored indoors. Follow our website http://www.djkenshu.com Learn more!